Enlabs Combines Forces With Playtech In Online Poker Partnership

  • Playtech and Enlabs have partnered to offer better products for Optibet and BestPoker, two Enlabs internet gambling platforms.
  • The deal was made to help each company expand their fanbase during the Coronavirus pandemic.

STOCKHOLM – Playtech and their iPoker network have partnered with Enlabs, expanding both companies’ brands for the internet poker and casino scene through the deal.

Playtech has been labeled as the best business on a global scale when it comes to gambling technology. Enlabs will be using this technology on their Optibet.lv and BestPoker.com websites.

The iPoker network led by Playtech is known as being the number one internet network for poker playing worldwide and now Enlabs will be a part of it.

The Partnership Details

Not only will these websites which are owned by Enlabs be using the online poker products of Playtech but they will also have access to exclusive casino gaming titles like Justice League and Sporting Legends.

For Enlabs, they are excited to be able to give their customers the very best for their online poker and gambling experiences. They also hope these new features will help to further expand their fanbase.

“We’re delighted to expand our Poker and Casino offering with Playtech and bring its industry leading content to our customers,” said Maksims Gorbacs, Head of Poker at Enlabs. “Playtech’s scale and innovation are powerful tools when looking to deliver the best player experience in growing and established markets alike. We look forward to developing this partnership further as we continue to grow our content offering.”

Playtech has a similar interest in this partnership. With the state of current events around the globe as they are, having the Coronavirus pandemic cause some ripples in their profit margins, they would like this expansion with Enlabs to grow their company and allow them to be able to branch out in the future within other markets.

“We’re truly excited to partner with Enlabs and welcome Optibet and BestPoker to the iPoker network. The Poker market is facing undeniable challenges, but at Playtech, we’re continuing to invest in expanding and evolving our software and network to address the future head-on,” said Marat Koss, Head of Poker at Playtech. “Our active development of new products and expansion into new markets demonstrates Playtech’s commitment to the Poker vertical. We are joining forces with a very professional and experienced Poker team led by Maksims Gorbacs and I have no doubt that this partnership will be fruitful and productive.”

The Companies Have Launched

Although the ink is still wet on the deal, Enlabs has already gone live with Playtech products. Members of the two sites that are documented in the contracts can play the latest poker and online casino games right now.

In a world that is currently reopening from the outbreak of COVID-19, internet gambling is something that is being utilized by players now more than ever. And with this new union, their expansion poses a promise of more members and more profits overall for the two.