Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Prop Betting Breakdown

  • Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are set to face off on Sunday.
  • Online sportsbooks have all sorts of ways to wager on the fight.
  • Mayweather is arguably the greatest of all time, while Paul is an amateur boxer.

LAS VEGAS - Floyd Mayweather, arguably the greatest boxer of all time, will fight Logan Paul, trailblazing YouTuber, on Sunday.

Mayweather has never lost a fight, and while some knock him down a peg for waiting so long to fight Manny Pacquiao, his results are undeniable.

Paul, who along with his brother Jake has transitioned into boxing as a moneymaking method after capitalizing on YouTube celebrity, is at best an amateur boxer.

The online sportsbooks are offering all sorts of intriguing props on the fight - which is sure to be a spectacle, at the very least.

While there will be no official winner of the fight, there are still a ton of different ways to wager on it, so let’s check out some of the most fun bets on online sportsbooks.

What Will Be Said First By The Broadcast Team?

  • 50-0 +125
  • YouTube +150
  • McGregor +250
  • Rope-a-dope +500

This is an intriguing wager, if only because every single one of these options will likely be said by the broadcast team at some point.

50-0, of course, is Mayweather’s record entering this matchup.

YouTube, of course, would be part of how one would describe Paul, used perhaps in the phrase “YouTube star” or “YouTube sensation”.

McGregor would be said in reference to Conor McGregor, whom Floyd famously fought for his 50th victory. Rope-a-dope refers to Muhammad Ali’s famous strategy, and it’s a strategy that closely mimics how Floyd fought another amateur boxer in Conor McGregor.

Which Fighter Will Be Knocked Down First?

  • Logan Paul -900
  • Floyd Mayweather +500

This bet reflects the difference in boxing skill between Paul and Mayweather - Mayweather is rarely hit, let alone knocked down.

Honestly, if Paul scores a knockdown on Mayweather, that’s the kind of thing he can milk for a decade.

The online sportsbooks do not believe he has a good shot at it, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Will The Fight Go The Scheduled Distance?

  • No -320
  • Yes +210

The fight is expected to take place over eight three-minute rounds, and the online sportsbooks do not expect it to need all of them.

The fight can end by knockout, although there will be no judges to award a winner by points if it does not.

The online sportsbooks believe that the fight will likely end before the 24-minute mark, with -320 odds on it not going the distance.

The PPV for this fight will be available on Showtime or Fanmio, and will cost $49.99. It’s set to kick off at 8:00 p.m. EST.