Fubo Gaming To Enter Iowa Sports Betting Market

  • Fubo Gaming is entering the Iowa sports betting market after partnering with Casino Queen.
  • FuboTV, the owner of Fubo Gaming, is a streaming service company.
  • They plan to integrate the sportsbook with their streaming service at some point.

DES MOINES, Iowa - Fubo Gaming, the betting spin-off of streaming company FuboTV will be entering the Iowa sports betting market.

The company has come to an agreement with Casino Queen that will grant them access to Iowa’s sports bettors and that agreement has been approved by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.

Fubo Gaming is looking to integrate sports betting with live streaming. FuboTV is a streaming service that is focused on live sporting events and Fubo Gaming will seek to integrate the data and services of FuboTV with an online sportsbook.

They’re trying to create a service that understands the kind of bets a sports bettor makes and the kind of teams they like to watch and recommends odds that it thinks they'll like based on that information.

Integrating Sports Betting And Streaming

FuboTV sprung up in the wake of the great cable cutting, as one thing that cable cutters are unable to enjoy is live sports, which are licensed to major TV networks.

ESPN, for example, holds broadcast rights to various sports that can only be accessed by watching TV or by subscribing to ESPN+.

FuboTV licensed those rights from the major broadcasting companies and set itself up to be a combination TV channel bundle and streaming service.

If people only want to watch live sports the service attempts to get those sports to the consumer at a lower price point than a typical cable package would require.

Now, they’re looking to the future, and an integration with sports betting is that future.

Fubo Sportsbook

Fubo Sportsbook is set to launch in Iowa, but is expected to launch in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, and Arizona as well.

President of Fubo Gaming, Scott Butera, was effusive in his praise for Iowa as a sports gaming industry and Casino Queen as a sports betting partner.

“As we enter the mobile sports betting market, we couldn’t be more excited to kick off this journey in Iowa, “ said Butera. “We thank the IRGC and Casino Queen for being the perfect partner in helping us cross the goal line and bring this sportsbook to the passionate sports fans of Iowa.”

Butera continued: “We believe Fubo Sportsbook will provide an elevated sports entertainment experience that will bring increased interaction and engagement between sports viewing and betting. We are working with regulators in additional markets as we aim to truly innovate the gaming space.”

The model for Fubo Sportsbook could be truly unique and provide a very intriguing option for fans of online gambling in the future.