Gambling Online In Iran Could Result In Death Penalty

Anyone affiliated with online gambling in Iran could face the death penalty should new legislation pass.

  • Gambling in Iran has been illegal since 1979.
  • Over 70 thousand different online gaming operators have been found in the country.

TEHRAN - Online gambling enthusiasts in Iran as well as anyone from operators to platforms that help facilitate the funding of accounts could be given the death penalty if new legislation in the country passes.

The Islamic Consultative Assembly’s Industries Commission is currently in the draft phase of updating all laws that surround gambling in Iran, centered around illegal internet gaming for both casino games and sports wagering.

The purpose of such harsh punishments is in an effort to help Iran with their continued cracking down on those who choose to offer or engage in online gambling, knowing that it’s an illegal activity. All gambling was made illegal in 1979 when the Islamic Republic formed.

What To Expect In Iran

Many online gaming operations are geared toward Iran and are being operated in Turkey. The Commission is aware of this and has since repatriated two Iranian citizens that were living in Turkey and promoting gaming sites on social media back to Iran where they have been jailed.

Iranian Parliament would also like to bring the heat on any radio or television outlets that advertise gambling to their fanbase. This new legislation will affect every aspect of the country as it pertains to the illegal gaming industry.

Banks will be held accountable for any transactions they allow to go through on these sites. The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has identified over 70 thousand different operating websites for gambling being used by Iranians. They have handed over this list of names to Parliament. The CBI has also employed new technology to be able to flag any transactions to gambling websites.

Since March, they have been able to stop 3,540 different platforms from using their services. The bank wants to ensure that the Commission knows they’re doing everything within their power to fight the battle against illegal online gambling and not be penalized for actions happening out of their control should money slip by.

Repeat Offenders

Anyone that has previously been arrested for internet gambling in Iran and continues to engage in the activity could be given the death penalty the Judiciary and Legal Commission promises.

This goes for operators that have been warned on countless occasions and still continue to offer their platforms to Iranians. These individuals will be arrested under “Corruption on Earth” charge which is known as any crime continuously committed by a person without remorse.

This is a crime that is punished with death in Iran and it's what officials in Parliament hope to have written within the new drafts of gambling legislation in the country for 2021.