GAN Simulated Gaming Now Offered By Penn Interactive

  • Penn Interactive will now be using GAN and their mychoice online gambling product.
  • The partnership between the two companies is expected to generate more revenue and marketing prospects for both.

PHILADELPHIA – GAN and their Simulated Gaming product will now be offered through Penn Interactive, a secondary company of Penn National Gaming.

The mychoice social casino application is part of the Simulated Gaming technology which allows players the opportunity at various social gaming features that give both Penn Interactive and GAN multiple ways for revenue and marketing.

The app will be available to USA online gamblers in states where Penn National is present, which includes over 100 casinos nationwide.

What Will GAN Do For Penn National?

The deal between the two companies makes Penn National the 17th casino business in the United States to use GAN software for gaming purposes.

The newest partnership opens the door for players to use the application and intermingle that with land-based gambling at Penn National locations. Users can rack up rewards points for promotions and other special offerings for online use and at the casinos themselves simply by making use of the app.

What The Companies Are Saying

Penn Interactive is excited to offer their loyal members and casino-goers a better way to gamble online and be rewarded for their engagement.

This deal will greatly help them in marketing to new players and expanding their business throughout the nation during a time of social distancing because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The combination of GAN’s great team and proven ability to deliver quality products makes them an ideal partner for Penn. Our mychoice social casino app will be a fun, free-to-play casino experience, and will allow our mychoice members to continue to earn valuable loyalty points from the comfort of their homes,” said Jon Kaplowitz, Head of Penn Interactive.

In addition to Penn Interactive, GAN is equally as happy with this new business venture as they stand to gain just as much as their counterpart.

The mychoice app as well as other software created by the company are beginning to see bigger and bigger audiences. This is the goal of the business as they strive to be at the top of the iGaming technology game within the United States.

“We are proud to have been selected by a genuine giant of gaming to upgrade their long-standing B2B social casino offering with a uniquely diverse Simulated Gaming content portfolio accessed via an enhanced custom front-end development and a full integration into Penn National’s market leading reward program, leveraging our unique patented technical capability to deliver on-property to online convergence for their carded patrons. We hope this marks the beginning of a partnership that may grow beyond the opportunity of Social Gaming for GAN,” said Jeff Berman, Chief Commercial Officer of GAN.

The Takeaway

The new gaming technology has already launched for gamblers that use Penn Interactive as their mobile online gambling platform of choice.

With the financial hit that COVID-19 brought to Penn National and their brick and mortar locations, they could certainly use the added revenue that this partnership is expected to bring.

The deal with both of these companies is a win/win for them and for the players that now have bigger and better gambling opportunities that can be done from the convenience of their homes during this pandemic.