Hard Rock Tampa Removes Mask Mandate Effective Immediately

  • The Seminole Hard Rock Tampa has opted to remove its mask requirement.
  • Some pandemic measures will still be in place, such as dividers at poker tables.
  • The Hard Rock is not the only major Tampa business removing mask mandates.

TAMPA, Fla. - Following in the wake of a CDC guidance stating that vaccinated people no longer needed masks to socialize responsibly, the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa casino has opted to make masks voluntary.

Many casinos are opting to remove mask requirements in the wake of the updated CDC guidance.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s followed how Florida has handled the pandemic that the Hard Rock was easily allowed to take this step.

The Hard Rock is not the only major Tampa business that has opted for a voluntary facemask program going forward - it seems to be the generally accepted option at this point, with most grocery stores and major retailers making masks optional after the CDC guidance.

Per WFLA, the casino will continue to operate several pandemic precautionary measures, such as cleaning high use spaces.

In addition, the Hard Rock will maintain their air-filtration systems, which are targeted at COVID-19 to the degree that is possible to do so.

They will also continue offering hand-sanitizing stations, which could help to cut down on spread among those who are not yet vaccinated.

Finally, the Hard Rock is keeping the plexiglass dividers that have become so well known to poker players during the pandemic - although WFLA does not specify that they will be for poker players, only in “some areas”.

Still, they are most common on the poker tables in casinos.

At some point, it seems likely that these dividers will be removed, but for now, the dividers have outlived the masks.

While poker players might bemoan the dividers, they do have the upside of making eight handed poker the norm, and it’s unclear what will happen after the pandemic in terms of casinos offering eight or nine handed poker.

The CDC guidance has led to moves like this all over the country, and the Hard Rock is just the latest in a string of casinos removing their mask mandates.