Hedging Alabama Vs. Georgia CFP Odds Comes With Profits

  • The Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs essentially have +195 odds to meet each other in the National Championship.
  • Alabama is the +120 overall favorite while Georgia has +150 odds as the second choice.

INDIANAPOLIS - The general consensus is that the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs are the two best teams in the country. The odds agree but aren’t convinced.

Betting On Exact Result

One of the more intriguing prop bets available for the College Football Playoff is betting on which team will win and who they will beat. Online gambling sites seem to be anticipating Alabama and Georgia to meet one another in the National Championship.

2022 NCAAF Championship Exact Outcome

  • Alabama Defeats Georgia +195
  • Georgia Defeats Alabama +195
  • Alabama Defeats Michigan +575
  • Michigan Defeats Alabama +700
  • Georgia Defeats Cincinnati +1000
  • Cincinnati Defeats Georgia +2200
  • Michigan Defeats Cincinnati +2200
  • Cincinnati Defeats Michigan +3300

The interesting thing about these odds is that it’s essentially offering +195 odds on Alabama and Georgia to meet in the title game. Bettors could wager on both of the lines and still get promised a +0.95 unit outcome if the two win their semifinal games.

The two moneylines of -500 for the Crimson Tide and -290 for the Bulldogs combine to make a -163 parlay, so the exact outcome odds provide significantly more value.

Betting A Straight Up Winner

Given what Alabama did to Georgia in the SEC conference championship game, many will likely be so confident in Alabama that they’d rather simply bet them to win the entire thing. Well, college football betting sites are offering relatively generous odds on them to do so.

NCAAF National Championship Odds

  • Alabama Crimson Tide +120
  • Georgia Bulldogs +150
  • Michigan Wolverines +550
  • Cincinnati Bearcats +1100

This bet is essentially a two-leg parlay of the semifinal and final moneylines together. Since it’s already been established that Alabama is a -500 favorite in their semifinal game, the Crimson Tide’s moneyline odds in the championship game would need to be -125 or shorter for the +120 odds on outright winner to have value.

Not much is a guarantee in college football, but if Alabama were to make the championship game, they would in all likelihood have shorter than -125 odds which means betting on them to win at +120 provides great value.

The semifinal games are scheduled for New Year’s Eve with Alabama starting at 3:30 p.m. EST and Georgia beginning afterward at 7:30 p.m. EST.