iGaming Developments in Rhode Island, New York, and Indiana

  • New York lawmakers have filed two separate bills that would legalize iGaming.
  • Bally’s Sports is campaigning for the legalization of iGaming in Rhode Island.
  • An Indiana iGaming bill has failed for a third consecutive year.

NEW YORK – State Senator Joseph Addabbo and Assemblyman Gary Pretlow have each filed bills that would bring iGaming to New York. Online casino gambling, also known as iGaming, is regulated in six states.

Lawmakers in New York, Rhode Island, and Indiana hope to bring legal iGaming to their respective states.

iGaming in New York

New York Senator Joseph Addabbo is the chair of the Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Senate Committee. Addabbo recently filed Senate Bill S4856.

The chair of the Assembly Committee on Racing and Wagering, Gary Pretlow, also filed an iGaming bill similar to Addabbo’s.

Pretlow filed Assembly Bill A3634, which would also legalize iGaming, but calls for a lower tax rate at 25% compared to Addabbo’s proposed 30.5% tax.

Out of the six states with legal iGaming, three of them share a border with New York. Addabbo and Pretlow believe that New York is losing millions in iGaming tax revenue to bordering states such as Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

In 2022, New Jersey online gambling reports show that the state earned nearly $20 million a month in tax revenue. The lawmakers biggest selling point for their bills is the revenue, which could potentially bring legal online gambling to New York as soon as 2023.

iGaming in Rhode Island

The Bally’s Corporation is campaigning for iGaming to become legal in Rhode Island. Bally’s has become a massive corporation that currently monopolizes Rhode Island casino gambling.

The company operates the only two casinos in Rhode Island, and they wish to expand into online casino gambling.

Bally’s officials are teaming up with state lawmakers to create a bill that would legalize iGaming.

In a similar geographical bind as New York, Bally’s gaming officials believe the legalization of iGaming is critical for state revenue.

The expertise of Bally’s government affairs team can make Rhode Island online casinos legal with the delivery of a convincing bill.

iGaming in Indiana

An iGaming expansion bill in the state of Indiana has failed for a third consecutive year.

Ethan Manning introduced House Bill 1536, which would allow for legal online casino gaming and poker in the Hoosier State.

The bill failed to advance passed the House Committee, forcing residents hopeful for legalized online gambling to wait until 2024 for another shot.

HB1536 failed without receiving a hearing, meaning future Indiana iGaming bills will need large improvements to advance in the legislative process.