Illinois Legislator Takes Aim at Dave & Buster’s Wagering

  • Representative Dan Didech filed Illinois House Bill 5832, known as the Family Amusement Wagering Prohibition Act.
  • This measure would prohibit businesses from allowing customers to bet or risk real money on unregulated games of skill.
  • Only filed, the bill must pass through the House, Senate and see approval from Governor J. B. Pritzker.

CHICAGO - The balance of power is up for grabs in Illinois after legislators filed a House Bill on Thursday to prohibit the facilitation or promotion of wagering by businesses. This is in response to Dave & Buster's who, paired with Lucra, announced last week of their intent to allow customers to gamble amongst themselves on arcade games.

So now, we have the Family Amusement Wagering Prohibition Act. This measure, spearheaded by Rep. Dan Didech sees it as encroaching on Illinois online gambling industry, specifically sports betting.

House Bill 5832, also has the support of more than two dozen cosponsors, as Didech holds much power as the chair of the House Gaming Committee.

Aside from unchecked gambling, Didech believes this measure can pass in time, stressing the importance of maintaining strict regulations in the gambling sector.

The proposed legislation extends beyond Dave & Buster's and applies to its competitors as well. Didech also challenges the notion that the new offering is solely skill-based, arguing that arcade games like Hot Shots as examples where luck can sway results.

Using Pop-A-Shot as an example, Didech expressed how even the smallest details could cause controversy.

"Are the hoops the same diameter, asked Didech. "Are the balls all inflated the same?"

Even waiting for a ball, sometimes it gets stuck in the back while opponents get fed ball after ball.

In short, Illinois HB 5832 has much to overcome before session ends of May 24 as it seeks more regulations for family amusement wagering to ensure fairness.