Illinois Online Gambling Bill Does Not Pass In 2021 Session

  • HB 3142, the Internet Gaming Act, did not pass during Illinois’ legislative session.
  • This means that fans of online gambling might have to wait another year at least.
  • SB 521 did pass, easing restrictions on collegiate sports betting in Illinois.

LAS VEGAS - Illinois had set itself on a path to be one of the first states to regulate and legalize online gambling, but the legislature was unable to come to a deal.

HB 3142, the Internet Gaming Act, would have legalized online casino gaming within the state, and was well-received at the committee level.

However, it simply did not seem to be a high priority for the legislature in the final hours of the legislative session, which ended (after a brief ‘overtime’ period) on June 1, 2021.

Technically, the session ended on May 31, 2021, but it ran overtime as lawmakers missed the midnight deadline to adjourn the session.

The issue of legal online gambling was not the only issue left unresolved by the process of ending the legislative session.

Per the Chicago Tribune, energy policy, gun control, law enforcement reform and school board reform also fell by the wayside.

Illinois’ state legislature did manage to get some sports betting modifications passed, in the form of SB 521.

SB 521 passed the house in the early hours of June 1, and removes some restrictions on in-state collegiate betting.

Now, sports bettors in Illinois will be able to wager on collegiate athletics, but only via in-person wagering opportunities.

In addition, such bets have to be placed before the game, and be related to the outcome of the game - no live betting is allowed, and individual player props are not allowed either.

This is, all things considered, a mild benefit for sports bettors, who were likely hoping for more serious loosening of restrictions, or for the Internet Gaming Act to pass.

However, due to a confluence of other factors, the legislature was unable to come to an agreement on the Internet Gaming Act, leaving SB 521 as the major victory for Illinois gambling advocates.