Iowa Sportsbooks Handled A Record High 2 Months In A Row

  • Iowa sportsbooks broke their monthly sports betting handle two consecutive months in a row.
  • The month with the highest sports betting handle isn’t even in the top five most profitable months.

DES MOINES, Iowa – Iowa sportsbooks have now shattered their previous sports betting handles for two consecutive months in a row.

Iowa Sportsbook Handles

Iowa residents previously established a new monthly sports betting record in September when the monthly sports betting handle broke $200 million for the first time with a reported handle of $210.4 million.

Following that, Iowa sportsbooks broke that record as well, after handling over $280.8 million in October.

  • September 2021 handle: $210,434,586
  • October 2021 handle: $280,899,986

This is the second consecutive record-breaking month for sportsbooks, and Iowa residents are betting more on sports now than ever before.

Iowa Sportsbook Revenue

Iowa citizens not only bet more on sports in October, but they also bet better.

Despite handling $280 million in sports wagers, sportsbooks only made $6.5 million in revenue, meaning it’s not even in their top five most profitable months. In fact, it’s not even their most profitable October so far.

Top Five Highest Iowa Sports Betting Revenue Months

  • March 2021 revenue: $13,454,158
  • January 2021 revenue: $11,343,303
  • October 2020 revenue: $9,098,995
  • November 2020 revenue: $8,144,096
  • April 20021 revenue: $7,725,272

Iowa Sports Betting Revenue Year-Over-Year Comparison

October 2020 revenue: $9,098,995
October 2021 revenue: $6,556,218

So it’s clear that Iowa residents love gambling and getting involved in the regulated sports betting market, and they’re getting better at it by the month.