Is Cryptocurrency, Blockchain The Future For Online Gambling?

  • Adriaan Brink says XFUN means that users won’t have to have any MATIC in their wallets in order to transact.

LAS VEGAS – With the growth of technology comes expansion of every subsequent industry it has previously affected. This has indeed been the case with online gambling of every kind.

Technological Advancements And Their Effects On Gambling

From smartphone apps, to funding gambling accounts with Bitcoin, the online gambling industry tends to stay up-to-date with technological advancements.

Few advancements have the potential to affect the online gambling market than the creation of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin alone has already altered the way millions of users choose to fund their online gambling accounts, and the potential for how it can be used to further change the iGaming landscape is boundless.

More specifically, advancements in ‘blockchain’ technology have allowed cryptocurrency (most popularly Bitcoin) to quickly become the premier way that thousands of gambling fans and sports bettors fund their transactions.

Blockchain Technology

Adriaan Brink, the CEO of FUN Token, just recently spoke about XFUN, his recent compliant token on the Polygon blockchain.

“We are pleased to have launched XFUN, which is an ERC-20 compliant token, on the Polygon blockchain. Polygon (MATIC) is similar to Ethereum (ETH) but with significant advantages in terms of transaction cost and speed,” said Brink. “We have also added the ability for our applications to fund users’ transactions, which means that users won’t have to have any MATIC in their wallets in order to transact. I believe that expecting users to understand and pay gas fees is a significant barrier to bringing crypto to the masses, and with XFUN, we now have the building blocks that we need to move forward.”

Utilization of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has fundamentally changed the way users gamble and even place bets.

Even 15 years ago these concepts were nearly non-existent, and in just a decade they’re revitalizing the online gambling market in a way previously inconceivable.