Juan Soto Gives Another Boost To Shortening Padres Odds

  • The San Diego Padres have traded for Juan Soto and now have +775 odds to win the 2022 World Series.
  • The New York Mets were the favorite to land Soto and their odds are now slightly longer, at +700 for the World Series Title.

SAN DIEGO – Starting the season with +1600 title odds, the San Diego Padres odds have been growing longer for the majority of the 2022 season but have now seen the reverse.

The Padres have officially landed Juan Soto and their World Series odds have shortened to +775. During the All-Star break, their odds were at +2500.

The young outfielder has already recorded 21 home runs during the 2022 season and 41 RBIs. This trade has the potential to balance out their offense and give more value to their online betting odds for all future bets.

Padres Odds Quickly Shifting

After news broke of the potential of the trade, online gambling sites changed the odds for the Padres to +1800 Tuesday morning, and then +1200 minutes before the news broke.

Although they gave up a massive haul to secure the deal, the Padres also received first baseman Josh Bell.

The Padres also saw their +900 sports betting odds from Monday shift to win the National League after the trade. They currently sit at +450 to take the NL and have not won the division since the 1998 season when they had +1000 preseason odds.

Soto Trade Affecting The Rest Of The MLB

The New York Mets were the favorite to land Soto  when the trade rumors first started to spark and online gambling sites had the St. Louis Cardinals as a possible landing spot four days before the Padres secured the deal.

The Mets World Series odds have now dropped to +700 and the Cardinals are still sitting at +4000. At the time of the All-Star break, when the news was first circulating, the Mets had +400 odds to land Soto and +650 odds to win the World Series.

As the standings currently sit, the Atlanta Braves would have to face the Padres in a Wild Card matchup in the NL, and Soto has made the matchup much more difficult for the Braves. Atlanta is no stranger to Soto, facing him all year long as NL East rivals.

The Braves World Series odds were +900 before the Soto trade, but now sit at +1200.