Kanye West Odds Involve Pete Davidson, Kim K, Julia Fox

  • Kanye West is a -130 betting favorite to beat Pete Davidson by decision in a boxing match.
  • West and Julia West have +250 odds to announce an engagement in 2022.
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye have +1000 odds to get back together this year.

LAS VEGAS - Kanye West’s name is often in the news as one of pop culture’s most famous figures. Now, he has betting odds for a variety of things in 2022.

Kanye West And Pete Davidson Boxing Match

In a hypothetical boxing match online gambling sites favor West over Pete Davidson. The rumors started to pick up after a leaked clip of an unreleased song appeared to show West threatening to fight Davidson.

Kanye West Vs. Pete Davidson Boxing Odds

  • Kanye West To Win By Points -130
  • Pete Davidson To Win By Points EVEN
  • Kanye West To Win By KO/DQ +200
  • Pete Davidson To Win By KO/DQ +400
  • Draw +1000

Not only can bettors wager on the fight itself, but possible antics in the fight highlighted by Kim Kardashian storming the ring.

Kim Kardashian To Storm Into Ring During Fight Odds

  • Yes +2000

There are odds on Kanye and Davidson to fight in 2022. It doesn’t specify if the fight is strictly boxing or if the two happen to street fight, but the odds aren’t calling it too unreasonable.

Kanye And Davidson To Fight In 2022

  • Yes +250

Despite Ye clearly being upset about Davidson and Kardashian dating, a fight seems unlikely, especially considered he’s moved on as well. West moving on actually brings more odds to the table.

Kanye West And Julia Fox/Kim Kardashian Odds

Due to his recently rumored dating activity, West and Julia Fox have odds to either get married or have a kid in 2022 and neither are considered to be unrealistic according to the odds on online sportsbooks.

Kanye West And Julia Fox Odds

  • To Announce Engagement In 2022 +250
  • To Announce Pregnancy In 2022 +400

To be clear, the latter bet specifies that it must be West’s baby. Plus, there are not only odds on Ye’s new love interest, but on him getting back together with Kardashian as well.

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Odds

  • To Announce Getting Back Together In 2022 +1000

When it comes to Kanye, anything can happen. There’s not a bet in the world that many would rule out when it comes to him. That’s likely why some of the wagers have shorter odds than what many would expect.