Lawmakers In NY Include Mobile Betting In State’s Budgets

  • Lawmakers in New York include mobile sports betting in the budget proposals during two-week negotiations.
  • Governor Andrew Cuomo and state legislatures approved the budget proposals.
  • The Senate passed the proposal 43-20 and the House passed it 106-43.

ALBANY, N.Y. – Sports betting fans in New York may be closer to having regulated mobile betting options as state lawmakers approve budget proposals that include mobile betting.

The proposals were approved and will be used during the two-week negotiations between Governor Andrew Cuomo and state legislatures.

The Senate and House both voted in favor of the proposals, with the Senate voting 43-2 and the House voting 106-43.

Mobile Sports Betting In New York

Bringing mobile and online sports betting to NY is still a few steps away from occurring, but the inclusion of it in the budget proposals means that lawmakers are in favor of the potential launch.

State legislators will be debating A 03009B and S 2509B during the two-week legislative session set to end on March 31.

April 1 is the beginning of the fiscal year and things will need to be finalized by them.

The budget proposals differ in details from Cuomo’s idea of what mobile sports betting will look like in the Big Apple.

The Senate’s proposal would see multiple operators in order to increase competition within the state., the Assembly’s proposal focuses on the four commercial casinos and three tribal casinos, allowing their operations to host two mobile skins.

Governor Cuomo has expressed interest in having mobile sports betting run by the state’s lottery, in an attempt to maximize the income from mobile betting.

This is the first time that both the Assembly and the Senate successfully included sports betting in their budget proposals.

During the next two weeks, lawmakers will go back and forth until hopefully an agreement can be met. Since the sports betting revenue in New York has dipped in recent months, an amendment to the USA online gambling policies could be incoming.

Sports betting fans should indeed remain optimistic about the future of mobile NY sports betting. The signs are pointing to a potential launch coming in 2021.