Line Shopping Super Bowl 56 Odds Proves To Be Important

  • The Green Bay Packers’ odds range from +295 to +350.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs can be found at either +350 or +400.
  • The Buffalo Bills are anywhere from +450 to +550.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ odds range from +500 to +600.

LAS VEGAS - Different sportsbooks offer different betting lines, but when it comes to gambling on the 2022 Super Bowl, it’s important to get the best price possible.

Green Bay Packers Odds

No matter which sportsbook a bettor logs in to, the Green Bay Packers are going to be the betting favorites to win the Super Bowl. However, online gambling sites will offer different prices.

Line Shopping Packers SB56 Odds

  • MyBookie +295
  • BetOnline +350
  • Bovada +350

As will prove to be a trend, bettors should lean toward Bovada or BetOnline when betting Super Bowl 56 futures as their odds are more competitive than others.

Kansas City Chiefs Odds

The Kansas City Chiefs will be the second betting option on all books, but will have different price tags. The trend from the Packers’ odds continues here.

Line Shopping Chiefs SB56 Odds

  • MyBookie +350
  • BetOnline +400
  • Bovada +400

While BetOnline and Bovada seem to be competitive, the best Super Bowl 56 betting site starts to emerge as you get further down the list.

Buffalo Bills Odds

The Buffalo Bills should be among the most popular bets as they have the best defense in the playoffs along with one of the top offensive units as well. Their odds can return better value on one site as opposed to the rest.

Line Shopping Bills SB 56 Odds

  • MyBookie +450
  • BetOnline +500
  • Bovada +550

As is the case with every team from here on out, Bovada is the destination for those betting on the NFL for the rest of the season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Odds

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking to become the first back-to-back Super Bowl champions since the 2003-2004 New England Patriots and bettors can get a good price on them to do so.

Line Shopping Buccaneers SB56 Odds

  • MyBookie +500
  • BetOnline +550
  • Bovada +600

If anyone wants to bet on Tom Brady to succeed in the playoffs, which is usually a smart thing to do, Bovada is the place to do so.

Betting The Rest Of The Field

While the rest of the field may be considered longshots to win the Super Bowl, it makes sense to at least get the best price possible when taking a big risk. Fortunately, Bovada continues to offer the best price on each team.

Line Shopping Rams SB 56 Odds

  • MyBookie +670
  • BetOnline +750
  • Bovada +800

The same can be said for the AFC’s No. 1 seed, the Tennessee Titans.

Line Shopping Titans SB 56 Odds

  • MyBookie +710
  • BetOnline +800
  • Bovada +850

As it gets down to the bottom of the board, the discrepancy in lines starts to grow.

Line Shopping 49ers SB56 Odds

  • MyBookie +980
  • BetOnline +1000
  • Bovada +1100

The biggest difference is with the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite being the longest shot available, Bovada continues to offer a much better price than the others.

Line Shopping Bengals SB 56 Odds

  • MyBookie +1325
  • BetOnline +1400
  • Bovada +1800

If it wasn’t clear before, stay away from MyBookie when it comes to betting on Super Bowl 56 futures. BetOnline stays competitive with Bovada for some of the favorites but overall it seems as if Bovada is the prime betting destination considering they offer the best odds.