Los Angeles Clippers Vs. Utah Jazz Game 4 Betting Preview

  • The Utah Jazz are -200 favorites in their series against the Los Angeles Clippers.
  • The Clippers are -210 favorites to win Game 4 and tie the series up.
  • The Jazz are currently up 2-1, and have home court advantage in a theoretical Game 7.

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Clippers lost the first two games of their playoff series against a team with an absolute star playmaker after that playmaker put up 30+ points in both games.

The Clippers, who looked like they had no answers, eventually resorted to reducing the minutes for Ivica Zubac and Patrick Beverley in favor of playing switchable mid-size lineups.

NBA twitter promptly abounds with a chorus of “Pat Bev trick y’all man”.

After looking hopeless in the first two games, the Clippers win convincingly in Game 3 with this new strategy.

We’ve seen how this ended up in the Clippers’ series against the Dallas Mavericks. Now, the Clippers have a chance to tie their series against the Utah Jazz at 2-2.

Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Clippers Game 4 Moneyline Odds

  • Utah Jazz +175
  • Los Angeles Clippers -210

The swings in this matchup are truly something to behold. In Game 1, which was in Utah, the Jazz were moneyline favorites with -175 odds to win.

Now, up 2-1 but on the road in Los Angeles, the Jazz are +175 underdogs in Game 4 on the online sportsbooks, while the Clippers are more than 2:1 favorites.

This is a fairly bizarre turn of events, and it demonstrates just how willing the NBA betting scene is to get behind the Clippers.

However, the Jazz are still favored in the series, which makes sense - they are up 2-1 currently, a win on Monday could put the series out of reach for the Clippers, and they still have home court advantage in a theoretical Game 7.

Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Clippers Series Odds

  • Utah Jazz -200
  • Los Angeles Clippers +170

If the Clippers manage to win Game 4, however, this series could go in an entirely different direction.

The Clippers were notably excellent on the road in the Mavericks series, winning all three games they played in Dallas.

The Jazz, meanwhile, have one of the strongest home court advantages in the NBA, with a record of 35-6 at home in the regular season and playoffs so far.

This looks to be one of the best games of the year, and could define the entire playoffs, let alone this series.

Game 4 between the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers kicks off at 10:00 p.m. EST on Monday, and will be broadcast nationally on TNT.