Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton Co-Favorites For Styrian GP

  • Max Verstappen has a 12-point lead over Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 Driver Standings.
  • Both drivers have +125 odds in the Styrian Grand Prix as co-favorites.

SPIELBERG, Austria – With the Styrian Grand Prix taking place on Sunday all eyes will be on Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton as the two continue to battle for the top spot in the 2021 Driver Standings.

Verstappen has had Hamilton’s number which has left people asking whether there’s a new top dog in the F1 circuit.

Verstappen’s Recent Success

Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton with just two laps to go in the French Grand Prix last week and now holds a 12-point lead in the standings. Verstappen has won four of the last eight events and finished second in another three, leaving a DNF as the only time he’s been outside the top two.

Due to his success, online gambling sites list Verstappen as the co-favorite alongside Hamilton for the upcoming Styrian Grand Prix.

Styrian Grand Prix Betting Odds

  • Lewis Hamilton +125
  • Max Verstappen +125
  • Sergio Perez +800
  • Valtteri Bottas +800
  • Lando Norris +4000
  • Charles Leclerc +5000
  • Daniel Ricciardo +6600
  • Carlos Sainz Jr +10000
  • Pierre Gasly +10000
  • George Russell +15000

However, it’s not like Hamilton has been too far behind. Hamilton and Verstappen have combined to finish first and second in six of the last nine races with only the Azerbaijan Grand Prix seeing either fall outside of the top 10.

Hamilton is no stranger to being listed with odds short of EVEN, but he now has odds of +125, which would have been considered great value even just a couple of months ago.

Bet on Verstappen or Hamilton?

It’s tough to decide between the two as one of them has won 11 of the last 12 races, but the recency bias has got to give Verstappen the slight edge. However, bettors could take advantage of online sportsbooks odds and bet on both in hopes to secure a minor profit.

The record shows it’s more likely than not that one of these two will win, it’s just a matter of if there’s a true changing of the guard or if Hamilton is ready to take back his throne.