Michigan Thriving In The Online Casino Gaming Market

  • Michigan’s online gambling market has flourished since launch, now ranked second only behind New Jersey in terms of revenue.
  • Michigan online casinos generated $757 million in revenue so far in 2022.
  • Online gambling has only been live in Michigan since 2021.

DETROIT – The Michigan online casino market is thriving, now threatening to overtake New Jersey as the top online gambling market.

Michigan online casinos now rank second in the nation in terms of revenue just behind NJ online casinos. NJ has hosted online gambling since 2013 while Michigan went live in 2021.

Michigan Casino Dominance

So far in 2022, Michigan online casinos have reported $757,024,184. New Jersey online casinos reported $814,519.523 during that same stretch of time.

Michigan saw an all-time record of $132,438,011 back in April 2022 which added to the strong half-year totals of the online casino market. Michigan reportedly sees an average of $75.31 gambling earnings per resident.

Michigan’s online poker rooms have also seen a boom in success this year. Online poker in Michigan is projected to be the market leader by September 2022 now only trailing behind Pennsylvania for the top spot.

June alone saw $121.5 million in revenue from online casinos and poker. Despite this being a decline month over month from the $127.4 million in May, this is the fourth consecutive month Michigan’s online poker surpassed NJ.

Michigan’s gambling market is larger in 2022 than it was in 2021. June 2021 saw $114.2 million in combined online casino and online poker revenue, indicating a 14.9% market increase year over year.

Will It Continue

Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are the only markets with regulated online poker and online casino options. Considering the Great Lakes State being the new kid on the block and growing as quickly as it has, it is safe to assume this trend will continue to tick upwards.

Michigan’s online gambling market may serve as an example to how strong and fiscally rewarding online gambling can be in such a short period of time.

Other states may be persuaded to regulate their own markets in response.