NBA Star Trae Young Proves To Be Indispensable For The Hawks

  • Atlanta Hawks player Trae Young has a chance to beat an almost 60-year-old NBA record if he can score 32 points in one game with five assists.
  • Young made history on Wednesday when the Atlanta Hawks beat the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 1 of the Conference Finals.

ATLANTA – Standing at 6’1, Atlanta Hawks Point Guard Trae Young is in his third season of his NBA career and proving to be an asset for the team in the postseason.

The 22-year-old athlete from Lubbock, Texas averaged 25.3 points per game during the regular season.

In his 12 games of the 2021 NBA Playoffs before Wednesday night, Young averaged 29.1 points. After scoring a career playoff-high 48 points in Game 1 of the ECF, he earned the one-point advantage over Dominique Wilkins' 47-point performance in 1988.

It seems every time the young player gets the ball in his hands to shoot, he scores. And his passing is just on point.

Being favored to record a double-double (-125), Young recorded his eighth (of 13) playoff game with at least 10 assists, making the sportsbooks regret any odd posted

The Young Baller

Every online gambling site and retail sportsbook are posting a number of bets on Trae Young because of how well he’s playing in the NBA Playoffs.

Even with over 50 wagers a game on Young, sports bettors are still finding the ability to win underdog bets on sports betting platforms like Bovada.

However, the Hawks guard is an exception in all aspects of the game. As a pivotal player for the Atlanta Hawks, states with online gambling are even offering odds on how many records he will break.

Young made NBA history after Wednesday's game doing something that hasn’t been done since the 1960s.

Needing 32 points and five assists - both of which were easily surpassed - Young now averages 30 points and 10 assists per playoff game. Breaking a 60-year record held by Oscar Robertson (29 points, 9 assists), Young continues to be a sports betting fan's dream.

The Atlanta Hawks overcame +290 odds against the -380 favored Milwaukee Bucks in Game 1 to take the home-court advantage, but there is much more basketball left to be played.