Negreanu vs. Polk Will Settle Differences At The Card Table

  • Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk will be playing an online poker tournament in the coming weeks to see once and for all who the better player is.
  • Polk will be entering the game as the heavy favorite to win it all with odds of (-275).

NEW YORK – Ready the virtual green felt, Doug Polk has poked Daniel Negreanu one too many times, leading the two players to settle their longtime feud in a No-Limit Texas Hold ‘em poker match.

There will be hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake possibly even millions but the real victory will finally be having a conclusive result as to which man is the best at the game, at least the specific type of poker being played, and USA online gambling fans are taking note.

Sportsbooks like BetOnline have Polk as the favorite to win (-275) but this hasn’t deterred Negreanu (+215) in the slightest.

“Clearly this is something that created a lot of buzz in the poker world and poker fans want to see this match. What does it all mean if you win or lose? Nothing really,” said Negreanu. “It may mean that one player is better at a very specific form of poker than the other, but we already know that.”

The Details

The battle of the two players will be settled through online poker due to COVID-19.

It’s been said that Polk has the better playing power for online matchups which is probably one of the reasons why he’s going into the game as the favorite.

Negreanu has the best overall playing record, winning the World Series of Poker (WSOP) six times and clearing over $40 million in strictly face-to-face tournaments. Polk, while toting an impressive record has not yet surpassed the $10 million mark in winnings for his career.

There is no set date for when this showdown will take place but it is expected to occur within the next few weeks. The internet is known as Polk’s turf for playing and Negreanu knows that. He said in his released statement that he will be playing by Polk’s rules and on his home turf.

They will play a No-Limit Texas Hold ‘em style game. There will anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 hands played at $200 to $400 apiece in no-limit hold ‘em.  Polk has said that this could lead to millions of dollars in winnings for the man that comes out victorious according to his YouTube post.

Now What?

While waiting for the date to be set, fans continue to see Polk tweet on the issue. He loves to grind into his opponent. Negreanu has been very professional in his approach to all the jabs, however, he did state that Polk has made his living by regularly and publicly putting him down.

Polk shot back on his Twitter account by tweeting that “I have won millions of dollars online and live, can you explain to me the part where I made my living from trolling you with pictures of rakes.”

With so much bad blood between the two opponents, this won’t just be an interesting live stream for poker fans. Negreanu is correct in saying that the winner may not necessarily be the best player as there are so many types of poker and each player has their niche.

But as far as gamblers and online sportsbooks are concerned, Polk is the one to beat. But with constant tweets ragging on Negreanu, plenty of fans will be rooting for the underdog.