New Bovada Online Casino Game Review: Plinko

  • Bovada is offering Plinko – a game just like everyone’s favorite on the Price is Right.
  • Payouts range from 0.2x to 1000x your money.
  • Play multiple balls at once with the ability to modify the number of ending spaces and the risk level.

ATLANTA – For the gamblers who always thought players on the Price is Right were idiots, the new Plinko game from Bovada is for them.

Set up exactly as expected, BGaming brought this game to the online casino, allowing payouts of up to 140,000 EUR (~$151,557).

The theoretical return sits in a range from 98.91%-99.16%. With this, this return is up there with single-deck blackjack and some other online slot games, while being much better than roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, and other table games.

The Game Play

While online gambling players cannot choose their starting spot, they have many options for setting up the board.

Choose from 8 lines all the way up to 16 lines. These lines represent the finishing pegs at the bottom, where the ball ultimately lands.

Very easy to track, the game clearly represents your payouts to the side in a column


Players can have about 20 balls active at one time, as they plink down the pyramid. But, the balls do not interact with each other, so don't expect a random bounce when two balls hit the same area.

At 8 lines, the middle has a .2734 chance of hitting. Its neighboring spots hold a .21875 chance of hitting. In theory, almost half of your balls will end up in these three spots.

For the large payouts on the outside, Bovada gives a .00390 chance of this hitting at 8 lines. As for 16 lines, Plinko's rules state it's a .00001525 chance of hitting.

Reviewing Plinko From Bovada

I found the most success when playing 14 lines at low risk... this left only one spot on the board with a payout loss and two others giving back your risk.

While the six next spots (three to the left and three to the right) offer payouts under 1.5x your risk, it allows for slow growth over the course of the game.

  • Playing 8 lines at low, normal and high risk levels, I spent $90 and saw $88 paid out.
  • When playing 16 lines at normal risk level, $50 was spent. A total of $43 was my return.
  • At 150 plays at 11 lines with low, normal, and high risk levels, I saw a 10% return ($165 paid out on $150 bet).

I never once hit the outside, which ranges from 5.6x your money (8 lines, low risk) to 1000x your money (16 lines, high risk). Still, in the end, after about 1000 plays at $1, I ended up $27.30.

Turning on the autoplay feature at $50 (14 lines low risk), it bumped my bankroll another $217 over the course of 50 balls.

In short, I may have not broken the Plinko record on The Price is Right but still greatly enjoyed this new casino game. 9.5/10