New Jersey Residents Wagered Over $1B On Sports in September

  • New Jersey sportsbooks handled over $1 billion in September wagers.
  • Although September has the largest handle seen yet, it did not generate the most revenue.
  • The September 2021 sports betting handle saw a 35% increase from the 2020 handle in the state.

TRENTON, N.J. – Last month New Jersey yet again made sports betting history after becoming the first state to receive more than $1 billion in sports wagers.

The Biggest Handle Yet, But Not The Best

In September 2021, New Jersey sportsbooks shattered the $1 billion sports betting handle threshold, taking in a reported $1,011,114,311 total in wagers.

Nearly half of this was bet via online gambling sportsbooks, with $453.5 million of that total handle coming from internet wagers.

Although New Jersey residents bet more in September than ever before, they also wagered better.

While this is easily the most money New Jersey residents (and some from surrounding states) have bet on sports in a single month, it was not the most profitable month for New Jersey sportsbooks, but it was close.

A total of $82.4 million worth of revenue was generated in September 2021, but that’s still shy of the $82.6 million made in January 2021, making that still the most profitable month for New Jersey sportsbooks yet.

September Year-Over-Year Comparison

New Jersey’s September sports betting handle went up by 35% from 2020 to 2021.

  • N.J. September 2020 handle: $748,588,349
  • N.J. September 2021 handle: $1,011,114,311

The revenue is what’s really impressive, however, as New Jersey’s September sports betting revenue increased by a massive 82%.

  • N.J. September 2020 revenue: $45,083,178
  • N.J. September 2021 revenue: $82,440,420

It is clear that the New Jersey gambling market is still growing, and only time will tell how much bigger this industry can get.