NFL Gambling: Aristocrat Gaming & NFL Announce New Slot Game

  • The NFL and Aristocrat Gaming have announced the pending launch of a new in-person slot machine titled NFL Super Bowl Jackpots that will release during the season.
  • Both companies announced that NFL Super Bowl Slots will be the first of multiple new slot machines that focus on important parts of each game.

NEW YORK – The NFL and Aristocrat Gaming have announced a new partnership to create the first NFL-licensed slot machine titled NFL Super Bowl Jackpots.

NFL Super Bowl Jackpots is expected to be available in retail casinos around the country by the start of the 2023 NFL season.

NFL Super Bowl Jackpot Slots Overview

The new NFL Super Bowl Jackpots game will be the first NFL-licensed slot machine of its kind, with the Aristocrat Gaming product standing out from other football-related slot machines at US online gambling sites because of its authenticity.

According to the Aristocrat Gaming press release, the new slot will feature unique anthems that are licensed at NFL stadiums.

That feature alone makes it different from the offerings at US online slots sites that offer football-themed slots such as Gridiron Glory (Bovada) or Mega Football (BetOnline).

Additionally, because Aristocrat Gaming and the NFL partnered together the NFL Super Bowl Jackpots can actually use real team names and NFL terms.

To play, players will get to choose their team and spin the five reels. Based on the Aristocrat Gaming promoted video, the reels will consist of both animated team gear and typical stadium food and items (beer, pizza, and a football).

NFL Super Bowl Jackpots will be a progressive jackpot with a bonus wheel.

Future Of Slots In The NFL

NFL Super Bowl Jackpots will not be the only slot game released between the two partners. In 2024 the NFL and Aristocrat Gaming will release the following games to the public:

  • Overtime Cash
  • Super Bowl Link
  • NFL Kickoff
  • Winning Drive
  • Ring Of Victory

Each of the new NFL slots will focus on different aspects of the game and the league. The slots will also feature NFL team-specific features to encourage all players to choose their favorite team.