North Dakota Online Poker Bill Introduced In Senate Legislature

  • House Concurrent Resolution No. 3012 has been proposed to legalize online poker in North Dakota.
  • North Dakota could be the sixth state to legalize online poker in the United States.
  • (R)Rep. Jim Kasper sponsor of House Concurrent Resolution No. 3012 also authored a bill in 2005 to legalize online poker.

BISMARCK, N.D. — Gamblers in North Dakota could be on the verge of being allowed to legally play online poker.

House Concurrent Resolution No. 3012 proposed by (R-Fargo) Rep. Jim Kasper, would make it legal to play online poker in North Dakota. Furthermore, this bill will give residents in the Peace Garden State the power to decide if online poker will be legal.

The Statement of Intent of the Bill reads: “This measure requires the legislative assembly to authorize internet live poker to be conducted in the state and licensed and regulated by the state.”

There are also five other senators both Democratic and Republican that sponsored this bill which could be a good sign for the upcoming political process.

Other Senators Sponsoring House Concurrent Resolution No. 3012

  • (D)Corey Mock - District 42
  • (R)Claire Cory - District 42
  • (R)Jason Dockter - District 7
  • (R)Scott Louser - District 5
  • (R)Matthew Ruby - District 40

"The country is just going more and more into gaming online,” Kasper said Thursday, Jan. 21. “Let’s not leave North Dakota as one of the few states that doesn’t allow it.”

There are only five other states that have legalized online poker in the US and North Dakota could become the sixth state to join them.

States with Legal Online Poker

  • Nevada
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan

This isn’t the first time North Dakota has entertained legalizing USA online poker. In 2005 House Measure No. 1509 was struck down by the state Senate but was also proposed by Kasper.