Odds Show Packers Roster Is Set To Change In 2022

  • Aaron Rodgers has +110 odds to be a Denver Bronco while being +150 to return to Green Bay.
  • Davante Adams is a -180 betting favorite to remain a Packer next season.

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams have long been rumored to play their final season in Green Bay, and now the odds say at least one may be true.

Aaron Rodgers Odds Show New Home

The Rodgers saga has been long and mostly had hinted that he wants out of Green Bay by any means necessary. Although things seemed to cool off as the season went on, online gambling sites favor him to be on a new team next season.

Aaron Rodgers Team For Week 1 Of 22/23 Season Odds

  • Denver Broncos +110
  • Green Bay Packers +150
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +500
  • Miami Dolphins +950

While it seems like Denver is most likely landing spot, tomorrow could be completely different. It is worth noting that there are also odds as to whether Rodgers will play at all.

Will Aaron Rodgers Play Week 1 In 22/23 Season Odds

  • Yes -1200
  • No +600

Rodgers seems primed to win his second consecutive MVP so it wouldn’t make too much sense for him to not play next season, but again, you never know with Rodgers.

The toughest part of him moving to a new team is that he is under contract and would need to be traded. Considering Matthew Stafford went for multiple first-round picks and a starting quarterback, the asking price for Rodgers may be astronomical and not many will want to give up too much for a 38-year-old quarterback.

Davante Adams Landing Spot

Those betting on the NFL may be inclined to bet on where Rodgers’ No. 1 target, Adams, will end up as well. Reports suggest the two “would love to team up” and it seems Denver is the place where it would make the most sense when taking cap space into account.

Davante Adams Team Week 1 Of 22/23 Season Odds

  • Green Bay Packers -180
  • Denver Broncos +250
  • Las Vegas Raiders +550
  • Chicago Bears +950

The reason why Adams is likely to return to Green Bay is that the team can place a franchise tag on him, which reports suggest will in fact happen. Barring a trade, he’ll end up remaining a Packer until the end of the season.

The -180 odds seem to be worth taking as the team has no reason to let him go unless it’s worth it for them.