Ohio Continues To See Strong Casino Revenue

  • Ohio’s casino revenue exceeded $200 million in July.
  • Casinos brought in more than $90 million for the third month in the state’s history.
  • Ohio’s seven racinos brought in more than $120 million for the fourth month in the state’s history.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio’s casino revenue has exceeded $200 million in July, which continues the trend of the Buckeye State having a strong showing with their casino markets.

Ohio’s market is split between casinos and racinos, with racinos making up the majority of the market.

In July, casinos brought in more than $90 million, which is the third-largest amount of revenue from casinos in the state’s history.

The only months that exceeded July’s total were March and April but they exceeded the figures by only around $2 million.

Racinos, on the other hand, brought in more than $120 million, in what is the fourth highest racino revenue in the history of the state.

While these are not record high numbers for the state, they are very close to it, which represents the continuation of an upward trajectory for Ohio’s gaming revenue numbers.

Which Ohio Casinos Brought In The Most Money?

The revenue leader among Ohio casinos in July was a racino, although only by a small margin.

The MGM Northfield Park brought in $24.7 million, while the traditional casino Hollywood Columbus brought in $24 million.

There are four casinos in Ohio and seven racinos, which means that casinos average more revenue per unit, but are outnumbered by the racinos, and as such bring in less total revenue.

Still, the fact that the revenue leader was a racino, not a casino, speaks to the degree of comfort that Ohio’s gamblers have with racinos, and the efficiency of the racino business model.

Racinos in Ohio are simply horse racing tracks that are equipped with slot machines at the track, a business model that presents gamblers with the most profitable option for the house - slot machines - and very little else.

With the horses serving as a draw in the same way that table games do at casinos, a visitor is presented with slot machine options, and slot machines are the major drivers of casino revenue in Ohio.

In this context, it is perhaps less surprising that racinos are outshining casinos in terms of revenue as each is centered around the profits gained by slot machines but the state is home to more racinos.