Omicron Causes Postponement For Bali’s Triton Poker Series

  • Triton Poker Series will postpone their Bali-based poker tournament.
  • The postponement is due to concerns around the Omicron variant of COVID-19.
  • Triton Poker is exploring ways to reschedule the tournament series.

BALI, Indonesia - Triton Poker has been forced to postpone their Super High Roller Series in February amidst concerns about the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Andy Wong, CEO of Triton Poker Series, was grateful for the interest the event had garnered, but sad about the circumstances that forced his company to cancel it.

“We’ve been incredibly humbled by the interest our first 2022 event of the season has garnered, however disappointed that current circumstances impedes us from hosting and broadcasting the live Bali tournament,” Wong said. “The health and safety of our players, partners, and team is always a priority and we look forward to returning to host these exclusive live tournaments to our audiences anytime, anywhere with the high-level poker entertainment.”

Wong added that the charitable donation pledge generated by the high-roller poker event will be followed through on regardless of the event being canceled.

“We remain committed to the Triton community at large, and despite this minor setback, we will be standing by our pledge to proceed with the charitable activation portion of the Bali season as promised,” he said.

The Head of Business Development for Triton Series, Cheng Zhen Wei, pointed to potential travel restrictions as a major contributing reason for the cancellation of the tournament.

“The demographic of our players includes people of all ages as well as from various parts of the world. Should lockdown occur, travel possibilities may be limited for the return home,” he said.

Tournament Postponed, Not Cancelled

The tournament billed as “A Helping Hand For Charity”, was officially postponed by Triton, which does leave open the possibility for renewal at some point.

The event was scheduled to run from February 17 through March 1, 2022. There were 13 different events on the docket. The main event was scheduled for February 27, and featured a $200,000 Short Deck competition.

In a twitter thread, Triton said that they were exploring options for scheduling in the future, although they made no mention of online gambling as a potential option:

“Rescheduling the 1st event will enable us to provide the experience that our players, partners, and team members expect and deserve in a safe environment. We are exploring options to reschedule the event and are working to provide a new experience as soon as possible. We will continue to strive toward our purpose – bringing live poker entertainment directly to you anytime, anywhere.”