Online Casinos Could Accept Bitcoin In The Near Future

  • Wyoming passed legislation to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at their online sportsbooks, becoming the first state to do so.
  • International internet sportsbooks and casinos accept cryptocurrencies as payment options.
  • More people are into cryptocurrencies as the market gains popularity.

NEW YORKBitcoin has ballooned in popularity, becoming one of the more common options for players in the online gambling market.

Online casinos that are licensed outside the US already all accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to fund gambling wallets. In fact, these are the preferred option for many gambling fans.

The US local market is not too far away from seeing this trend either as online sportsbooks in Wyoming accept cryptocurrencies. This is the first US state to accept crypto with its online gambling operations.

Bitcoin Growing In Popularity

When Wyoming passed HB 0133 into law, allowing crypto to be an accepted currency for online sports betting, other states began taking notice.

North Carolina lawmakers began pushing a law that included cryptocurrencies in their sportsbooks and Texas lawmakers also added the acceptance of Bitcoin for sportsbooks to their proposed sports betting bill.

While no US-based online casino accepts Bitcoin as of yet, if Wyoming sees major success, other markets like New Jersey and Pennsylvania may be tempted to bring the money option over as well.

Many online gambling fans view Bitcoin as convenient, safe, anonymous, and fast, and easy to use. Bitcoin is the fastest way to cash in on wins from online casinos.

The Future Of Bitcoin In The US

Major businesses in the US have already begun to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and online casinos are not far away from the same.

Popular car dealerships accept crypto such as Tesla, professional sports teams like the Dallas Mavericks accept crypto to purchase tickets, and several restaurants have begun accepting crypto as payment as well.

Online gamblers enjoy the ability to place bets and remain anonymous that is afforded to them by using Bitcoin and other companies like them. There is no need to attach their gambling accounts to their real banking information thanks to cryptocurrencies.

As Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity, USA online casinos are sure to start accepting this type of currency to appease players.