Online Gambling Site PlayAlberta Launches For Canadian Gamblers

  • Alberta Canada now has its own casino platform for online and mobile gambling in
  • The most popular retail titles in the province are available with the website casino.

ALBERTA – The people in Alberta Canada now have something to celebrate with the rollout of by the Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC).

This gambling platform is an internet website that allows for mobile access through online search browsers via multiple mobile gambling devices. Membership and availability is subject to players being within the borders of Alberta and of the legal gambling age.

What Is is an online gambling outlet that provides a long list of titles for players that are 18 and over to engage in. At this point in time, there are table games as well as a number of virtual slot machines open to play by members.

More features and gaming options will be added to the platform in the future as the business grows. When signing up for an account, Albertans have to provide the proper identification to prove they are the correct age and a resident of the province before being allowed to become a member.

The most popular games that are already available on the site are ones that have the most playing time at retail locations, making them the best games for the audience of gamblers in Alberta.

Not only does the website boast a great menu of titles but they also use GameSense as part of their software. GameSense will provide players with a plethora of information regarding responsible gambling and how to implement certain rules when betting to ensure that everyone is playing in a non-harmful or addictive manner.

What Else?

NeoPollard Interactive became a partner with the AGLC in June to help with the platform. NeoPollard will make sure that all money gambled on the site goes directly to the economy of Alberta.

Not only that, but all funding transfers and healthy suggestions for betting are also provided by the company so that players are given the safest internet gambling experience.

The AGLC has also created an advisory committee centered completely around online gaming. They will serve as the go-between for the platform and land-based establishments. Working together will allow each side of the gambling businesses in Alberta to profit as much as possible without one route hindering the business of the other.