Online Gambling Sites Still Hosting Presidential Election Odds

  • Joe Biden is -400 favorite to win the presidential election.
  • Biden managed to flip the Republican state of Arizona to Democrat.
  • Donald Trump is ahead in the crucial swing state Pennsylvania with +140 odds to win.

PHOENIX – The election is going down to the wire and sports bettors are still taking action at legal gambling sites. Joe Biden is currently favored over President Donald Trump, following being declared the winner of states like Arizona and Wisconsin.

Donald Trump has a big lead in Pennsylvania, despite being the underdog at legal betting sites. Biden also managed to close the gap between him and Trump in Georgia where Trump is heavily favored.

Underdog bettors have already begun to see major success in the general election and it may continue to prove profitable.

Betting On The Election

Online sportsbooks accepting US players have been hosting the best odds for the election and sports bettors have been playing to win big throughout.

Biden is sitting with a slight lead in the Electoral College race but is heavily favored at online sportsbooks to replace Trump for the presidency.

US Presidential Election 2020 - Odds To Win

  • Joe Biden -400
  • Donald Trump +275

Underdog gamblers may be tempted to look at Trump's longshot odds and take them as the election is very close. Biden holds only a narrow lead in Michigan and the President is already protesting the potential results, which may lead to a recount which would be in Trump's favor.

Pennsylvania in particular is an interesting betting line as Biden was heavily favored, despite the Keystone state voting Republican in the last election. Donald Trump famously flipped Pennsylvania by only 2% in 2016.

This makes sports bettors who took Biden to reclaim Pennsylvania not farfetched, as very few expected the election to go this way a second time.

Pennsylvania Election Odds And Results (At Time Of Writing)

  • Trump 52.7% (+140)
  • Biden 46.25 (-170)

Michigan is another swing state that holds the election in the balance. Sports bettors believed Biden would win easily, but President Trump is staying close in the votes.

Michigan Election Odds And Results (At Time Of Writing)

  • Biden 49.6% (-300)
  • Trump 48.9% (+240)

The election is gearing up to be one for the record books for USA online gambling and the results will either see underdog bettors cashing in massively or those to bet on the favorite collecting their modest winnings.

This has yet to be decided so sports bettors can still partake in betting on the 2020 US Presidential Election.