Online Lottery Could Boost VA To Record Lottery Revenue

  • Virginia’s online lottery has paid out over $400 million to lottery winners.
  • It has raised more than $436 million in total revenue, a bit more than 20% of lottery revenue overall.
  • The biggest individual online win was $2 million.

LAS VEGAS - Virginia’s online lottery paid out a significant amount of money to players while also bringing in a lot of cash for the state.

Virginia’s online lottery has been running since July 1, 2020, and allowed gamblers within the state to use their smartphones, laptops and tablets to play the lotto.

In the time it has been running, the online lottery has brought in $436 million in state revenue, a number that makes up a significant percentage of total lottery revenue.

However, it has also paid out over $400 million to winners, with the biggest individual win being $2 million.

VA Online Lottery Revenue

Virginia’s online lottery launched in July of 2020, which marked the beginning of the fiscal year. Since that time, it has brought in more than $436 million in revenue, which makes it a significant part of the total lottery revenue brought in since June 1.

Overall, online lottery games make up a 21.8% portion of the state’s total lottery revenue this fiscal year, which is over $2 billion.

However, it’s not just the online lottery that is booming, as lottery sales have been increasing overall, online or not.

More than $1.6 billion retail lottery products have been purchased at Virginia’s 5000+ retail lottery locations.

In other words, the vast majority of VA lottery revenue is still from retail lottery players.

VA Lottery Payouts

The state has an interest in promoting the payouts that the VA lottery makes, as they want more people to play the lottery. The biggest individual win came on January 13, when Betty Wong of McLean, VA won $2 million in a Powerball drawing.

Virginia lottery executive director Kevin Hall was effusive in his praise of the VA Online Lottery and the players who patronized it.

“Online players have shattered all of our expectations and allowed the Virginia Lottery to set the standard as the nation’s most successful online lottery launch,” said Hall.

The VA lottery is currently on track to have a more successful 2021 than 2020, in part due to the boost provided by online lottery players.