Online Poker Revenue Profits See Big Jump From June To July

  • Online poker revenue numbers from June to July are rising in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and possibly Michigan.

LAS VEGAS - Online poker saw its best revenue year in 2020 due to people staying in their homes from the COVID-19 pandemic. Since that time however, revenue rates have expectedly dropped for online poker as in-person options open their doors again.

In spite of this, the month-to-month online poker revenue increased from June to July in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and potentially Michigan.

New Jersey

New Jersey saw its online poker revenue increase from $2,209,374 in June, to $3,072,756 in July.

That's a remarkable $863,382 increase in one month. New Jersey also saw an impressive 10.9% increase to their overall iGaming market from June to July.


Similarly, Pennsylvania also saw notable growth in online poker revenue from June to July.

Revenue increased from $2,417,679 in June to $2,596,418 in July. Not quite the jump seen in New Jersey, but still the highest that online poker revenue in Pennsylvania has been since July 2020 when it peaked at $2,986,498.


Michigan unfortunately does not separate their online poker revenue from the rest of their iGaming revenue, but a 3.5% iGaming revenue increase happened from June to July and the assumption that online poker likely contributed to this growth is viable.

This marks one of the most successful ever revenue months Michigan internet gaming.

Online Poker Revenue Month Over Month

New Jersey Online Poker Revenue

  • June: $2,209,374
  • July: $3,072,756

Pennsylvania Online Poker Revenue

  • June: $2,417,679
  • July: $2,596,418

Michigan iGaming Revenue:

  • June: $89,214,138.23
  • July: $92,311,368.02

This trend suggests a renewed interest in online gambling, especially in the form of online poker.