Oppenheimer Best Picture Odds Boosted by Damon’s Review

  • Early odds for Best Picture in the 96th Academy Awards have Oppenheimer at +225, second overall.
  • Recent news from actor Matt Damon revealed he saw the film and gave rave reviews about it.
  • The movie has been confirmed to be three hours long as well, which would make it a unique best picture winner.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Early odds for the 96th Academy Awards have been published, and much of the attention is on Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, which now sits at second place by odds. With the movie not yet out for the general public, any news about it relies on the select few that have seen it, such as actor Matt Damon.

With odds freshly opened, only Killers of the Flower Moon is ahead of Oppenheimer, and they are the only two movies with odds shorter than +300. With Damon giving positive reviews for Oppenheimer on his first watch, this has likely influenced online gambling sites to put Nolan’s film at +255 odds.

What Do We Know About the Movie?

The movie will not be released to the general public yet until July 21, 2023. Few reports or reviews exist since the film still has nearly three months of time until being in theaters, but the few tidbits of information we do have forecasts a great reception.

The majority of available reviews of the film comes from comments by Matt Damon wherein he gave praise to Nolan’s film in various ways.

An interesting thing revealed by Damon was that the film was around three hours long, which would make it only the second film since 2000 to win the Academy Award for Best Picture while being three hours or longer.

Despite the long runtime, Damon was quick to clarify that fans should not need an intermission, even stating “no, no! God no… it goes so fast. It’s great” when questioned. This bodes great for the future of Oppenheimer at the box office, as longer films that manage their runtime correctly tend to be big hits.

If the three-hour runtime for Oppenheimer remains in the final cut, it would be Christopher Nolan’s longest film released to date.

Apart from what Damon has said in his review, we only know who is starring in the film with Emily Blunt being the +200 favorite to win Best Actress. There is also Cillian Murphy who is +300 for Best Actor, but is just fourth in odds.

Overall while Oppenheimer appears to be a great film based off the scarce information we have, there are many months to go and odds could change as the Academy Awards get closer. The +255 odds on online entertainment gambling sites) could present a value if the film garners massive praise from critics, though there are too many unknowns at this point in time.