Partypoker Has Had A Sleek Cosmetic Makeover For US Players

  • Pokerparty is eyeing the number one spot for the best online poker platform in the United States as it has had a total makeover before rolling out to Pennsylvania players soon.
  • The online poker company is branching out of New Jersey with Pennsylvania and Michigan launches in their future as the popularity and legalities of online gambling continue to rise.

PHILADELPHIA – Partypoker has undergone a complete overhaul of their website’s look in an effort to become more appealing to players as well as more competitive with other platforms as it sets to launch in the Pennsylvania market soon.

These new features will be spread across all three of the company’s affiliates which include BetMGM Poker, Borgata Poker, and partypoker.

The makeover, while mostly done to be aesthetically pleasing, has now added customizable features based on a player’s preference as well.

The Goal Of Partypoker

In 2005, partypoker was the number one website in the United States for online poker playing.

However, with the passing of the UIGEA (Unauthorized Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006), the company decided to abandon ship and bailed out of the U.S. market. This move would boost PokerStars into the top spot for internet poker operators in the nation.

However, on a positive note for leaving the industry, the USA online gambling business did not have to withstand the problems of Black Friday that occurred in April of 2011. The FBI cracked down on online poker, bringing many companies to their knees.

Partypoker never had to go through that dark time in the history of the U.S. poker market. Fourteen years later, they reentered the United States and set up shop in New Jersey. They are ranked third in the Garden State among competing poker sites.

The company hopes to be entering the Pennsylvania market as soon as the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) issues the licenses they have applied for through Roar Digital. That could happen any day now which would mean a launch of their new site to eager poker playing Pennsylvanians.

They will also be entering the Michigan online industry at some point, most likely in 2021. It is the goal of partypoker to regain their top spot among all other internet poker operations as they were once known in 2005.

Cards On The Table

At this moment, the company could enter the West Virginia and Nevada markets but have chosen to focus on Pennsylvania and Michigan as they are projected to be the bigger, more lucrative options for partypoker.

While they have fallen behind PokerStars and WSOP/888 in New Jersey, all of these new features should help increase the player engagement level of new states they will enter in the future.

The software isn’t just customizable to the player and pretty to look at, although it does let gamblers see their tournament chips in big blinds whereas it didn’t before.

They also are holding more tournaments to join, taking members’ opinions into consideration for ongoing changes, giving away more promotions for loyal players and using a progressive rakeback system to name a few of the things pokerparty is utilizing on their quest to become number one in the United States once again.