Penn State Researchers To Conduct Study On Online Gambling Effects

  • A study on online gambling effects is being conducted by researchers at Penn State University.
  • The study will be multiple telephone surveys administered to participants to compile data on their experiences.
  • The study has good timing as Pennsylvania and other states around the country are experiencing surges in online gambling.

ABINGTON, Pa. - Penn State University researchers have begun to study the unknown effects of interactive, online gambling in Pennsylvania.

Assistant professor of criminal justice, Glenn Sterner has partnered with the Penn State Social Science Research Institute and Survey Research Center to conduct this telephone survey.

The survey will provide an opportunity for participants to share their online gambling experience and the plan is to use the same individuals again in the future to publish an annual report and compile yearly data.

“While working in conjunction with SSRI, we plan to pull on expertise and present results of reports and assessments to policymakers in Harrisburg,” said Sterner. “We have the ability to utilize the strengths across Penn State, integrating resources from an interdisciplinary perspective, to provide needed knowledge to DDAP [Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs] for ways to target prevention and intervention initiatives to address any issues we may find.”

This first of its kind report will look into the costs of problem gambling compared to the monthly and annual tax revenue that operators generate. The study also will help lawmakers shape rules when it comes to the growing online gambling market.

This is a good time for this study as Pennsylvania’s online gambling market has recently become one of the biggest gaming markets in the country.

“Since Pennsylvania has very recently legalized online gaming, we are in a very unique position attempt to measure and monitor the impacts,” said Mikael Ahlgren, a director of gaming initiatives for Penn State. “We are in the early stages, and there is much to be learned. The casino industry brings approximately one and a half billion dollars of tax revenue to the state on a yearly basis.”

USA online gambling is not only just exploding in the state of Pennsylvania but also in several states around the county. Even states that have historically been against online gambling have legalized it, so this study is exploring what is affecting many Americans.