PointsBet, 1/ST TECHNOLOGY Partner in ADW Horse Racing App

  • PointsBet and 1/ST TECHNOLOGY entered into an agreement.
  • This will open a product with horse racing, casino gambing, and sports betting.
  • It will only be available in states with advance deposit wagering.
  • Many states already have ADW laws or have worked toward adding them recently.

AURORA, Canada – In a deal signed last week, PointsBet and 1/ST TECHNOLOGY will come together in the gambling world. This mix comes looking to launch an advance deposit wagering (ADW) product under the 1/ST BET name.

With many companies at subsidiaries at play, the news launched on 1st.com.

Technically, 1/ST TECHNOLOGY earned the deal in a business division of The Stronach Group. They partnered with the Premier Turf Club, a subsidiary of PointsBet USA.

This is the first deal with a sportsbook company and horse racing firm operating an ADW product.

This product will be available in any state where advance wagering deposit is legal.

States And Their ADW Status

It is always changing but nearly 80% of the country allows ADW. Some states like Washington state is clearly in their codes… like RCW 67.16.260. Others permit it without any laws on the books.

Some like South Carolina are looking to add horse advanced deposit wagering into law. Their 2022 gambling bill HB 5085 didn’t pass. But, it was one of three similar measures, expressing their desire to codify it.

For Minnesota, it was a rather easy matter. For Maine, the governor vetoed LD 1279 But, the legislature overrode the veto in a vote.

Aside from horse racing, users of these products will also see online casino gaming. Players will see PointsBet casino games and sports betting odds in certain jurisdictions.

Likewise, PointsBet users will see an update on a new horse racing betting experience. At current, 11 states feature a PointsBet Sportsbook. This opens up many users to a new way to gamble online.