Prop Betting CFB Week 0: UCLA Vs. Hawaii Matchup

  • The most likely outcome is for the game to have 71 or more points (+125), but the over is set at just 68.0 with the Under favored.
  • Neither team to score 40 points has +135 odds.
  • The first turnover of the game to be an interception has a -170 betting line.

LOS ANGELES – The UCLA Bruins and Hawaii Rainbow Warriors are one of five college football games taking place on Saturday. As the third game to kick off in the 2021 season, these are the three best prop bets for the UCLA game.

Betting On Range Of Points

With the total for the game set at 68.0 points, it would make sense for the point range including that number to be favored. However, online gambling sites have done something different for this prop bet.

Points Range Odds

  • Between 0 And 20 +10000
  • Between 21 And 30 +5000
  • Between 31 And 40 +2000
  • Between 41 And 50 +800
  • Between 51 And 60 +375
  • Between 61 And 70 +210
  • 71 And Over +125

With 71 or more being favored, college football betting fans can either use this to justify betting the Over on the game line or try and cash a long ticket at +210 on the 61-70 point range.

For what it’s worth the Under 68.0 points is favored with -115 odds.

The Race To 40 Points

Since UCLA is favored by 18.0 points on the spread, it’s probably to surprise to find that the Bruins are favored to reach 40 points first, but the odds for neither team to reach 40 may be enticing enough to bet on.

Race To 40 Points Odds

  • UCLA -170
  • Hawaii +3000
  • Neither +135

In the 2020 season, UCLA scored 40 points just once and since it’s the first game of the season, offenses could be a bit rusty.

The plus-money odds seem worth the risk.

First Turnover To Be An Interception

An interception to be the first turnover of the game is thought to be the most likely outcome. With the quarterbacks seeing real opposing defenses for the first time in months, it’s tough to argue with the logic.

The odds could still be worth taking as the price isn’t too short.

The First Turnover Method

  • Fumble +130
  • Interception -170
  • No Turnovers In The Game +700

It should be noted that turnover on downs is not listed and while not specified, it likely doesn’t count as a turnover in terms of this bet.

Both offenses tend to be pass-heavy as Dorian Thompson-Robinson has averaged 31.3 pass attempts per game over the last two seasons and Chevan Cordeiro averaged 34.8 attempts per game in 2020.