Richmond Virginia Residents Voting On Potential Casino

  • Richmond residents will vote on potential new casino in their city that will include sportsbook.
  • Non-profit organization ‘Richmond for All’ opposes this project happening in their town.
  • The casino could make the city and community millions of dollars in revenue within the first 10 years.

RICHMOND, Va. – A vote to approve construction of a casino in Richmond, Virginia will take place in November. The purpose of the casino would be to spur economic growth by bringing more money and jobs to the city.

The New Richmond Casino Proposal

Following legislation recently signed into law by Governor Ralph Northam authorizing the city to become a host to a new casino. Residents will soon have the opportunity to vote on the construction proposal.

According to the drafts and projections for the new casino resort, it is expected to bring in tons of revenue to Richmond which is welcomed in a post COVID-19 economy.

“The project is estimated to generate over $500 Million in direct, indirect, and induced tax revenues and community benefits to Richmond over the first ten years of operation,” per official documents.

Project Opportunities And Opposition

Until now, the only gaming opportunities Richmond residents had were to travel to neighboring states or take advantage of online gambling options.

This proposal is facing some opposition however, from non-profit organization Richmond for All.

“The results are clear. There is no broad-based neighborhood support for this casino. Casinos are an extractive industry that will rob our community just to make a few folks wealthy,” said Quinton Robbins, Richmond for All’s Political Director.

Election day is November 2, but residents have already started voting early on this issue. If the vote leans in favor of the new casino, residents of Richmond will finally have a land-based casino to visit. Regardless of the outcome however, all Virginia residents can still rely on online gambling options to gamble safely at their convenience.