Ryan DePaulo Wins Over $150K Playing Online Poker At Whole Foods

  • Ryan DePaulo wins World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament online from inside his car parked outside of a Whole Foods.
  • DePaulo beat 2,427 players to claim the $159,563 grand prize off of a $500 buy-in.
  • This is the second-largest cash win that DePaulo has earned.

NEW YORK - The online World Series of Poker (WSOP) Final Table 2020 brought in some of the biggest names in the game Monday at the climax of the tournament.

The winner of the biggest cash prize was Ryan DePaulo, a popular poker player who won the tournament while sitting inside his car parked outside of a Whole Foods.

The New York native took home $159,563 in cash prizes, without setting foot in a casino.

Online Poker Jackpot

With the results of the WSOP tournament, online poker has once again proven to be a lucrative practice for gamblers.

DePaulo was able to beat over two thousand entries all from a Whole Foods parking lot, bringing a whole new meaning to anytime anywhere casino gambling.

The event was a massive draw of major names in the online poker world. James ‘meatsweats’ Carroll, Daniel ‘DNegs’ Negreanu, and Kevin ‘ImaLuckSac’ MacPhee are just a few of the popular players that participated.

During the final table, DePaulo was pinned against Hayden ‘Luckbox89’ Fortini, Terry ‘mrterry007’ Fleischer, and Jack ‘EarlGrey’ Salter fighting for the lead.

The end result led to DePaulo knocking out all his rivals with a combination of superior hands and well-placed bluffs that took the win.

The final results of the table had DePaulo as the winner with Salter being the runner up, claiming a decent-sized prize in his own right.

  • 1 Ryan’joeyisamush’ DePaulo $159,563
  • 2 Jack ‘EarlGrey’ Salter $98,621
  • 3 Sean ‘FilthyDiaper’ Ruane $72,410
  • 4 Hayden ‘Luckbox89’ Fortini $53,625
  • 5 Jessica ‘Jessyboo’ Lanto $40,082
  • 6 Terry ‘mrterry007’ Fleischer $30,143
  • 7 Shannon ‘Aulophobia’ Shorr $22,826
  • 8 Dominic ‘rgdoc’ Ricciardi $17,474
  • 9 Erick ‘Givmeaction’ But $13,543

You can find major tournaments like these and many more throughout the year at USA online gambling sites. There is seemingly no limit of opportunities to go home big winners playing from anywhere, even a grocery store parking lot.