Super Bowl 56 Odds Show No Onside Kick Attempt

  • There are +155 odds on an onside kick attempt in the Super Bowl.
  • Bettors can bet a -210 line on there being no onside kick attempt.

LOS ANGELES - Onside kicks aren’t all that common in the NFL as they seem to only occur in the final few minutes in the fourth quarter.

Onside Kick Occurrences

When the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams play one another in Super Bowl 56, some bettors will be holding their breath every kickoff as online gambling sites are giving odds on whether there will be an onside kick attempt.

Super Bowl 56 Onside Kick Attempt Odds

  • Yes +155
  • No -210

There were 56 onside kick attempts throughout the regular season in the 272 games. This means that there was an onside kick in just 20.5% of total games over the season. However, the +155 odds have an implied possibility of 39.22% which means betting on there not to be an onside kick attempt is likely the best option.

There are only two situations in which an onside kick happens. The far less common one, especially in a game as important as the Super Bowl, is a surprise onside kick. The more common occurrence is when a team scores and needs to get the ball back quickly with little time left on the clock.

The game could very well be close, but there is simply not enough value on the “Yes” to be worth betting on. Those betting on the NFL can probably find more value on similar odds elsewhere in the big game.