Super Bowl 57: Betting on The Funniest Andy Reid Food Props

  • Andy Reid has +1600 odds to be doused in BBQ sauce after Super Bowl 57.
  • Reid has +650 odds to eat a cheeseburger live on the Super Bowl broadcast.
  • Reid has +165 to mention the words “burger” or “cheeseburger” during the postgame interview.

LAS VEGAS - Andy Reid’s love of food is famous in NFL circles – the man even discussed Mac and Cheese at a Super Bowl press conference.

NFL gambling fans can wager on various Andy Reid food related props, and some of them are truly hilarious.

Andy Reid Special Odds – To be doused in BBQ sauce after win

  • Yes +1600
  • No -15000

Traditionally, the winning coach of the Super Bowl gets doused in Gatorade or some other sports drink.

The online gambling sites think that Reid’s famous love of barbecue – and its attendant sauce – could result in a different sort of liquid being poured – BBQ sauce!

It’s unlikely, as seen by the extremely long odds on the “no” side.

Andy Reid Special Odds - Hawaiian Shirt Worn During Super Bowl

  • Yes +1600
  • No -15000

Speaking of extremely long odds on the “no” side, Andy Reid has -15000 odds to not wear a Hawaiian shirt during the Super Bowl.

While the shirt does fit his image, it’s likely that the NFL would not permit him to wear such a shirt during the game.

Andy Reid Special Odds - Cheeseburger Eaten Before Broadcast Ends

  • Yes +650
  • No -1400

Here’s where the props get more realistic. Instead of -15000 on the “no”, we now see only -1400, which is unlikely, but more plausible.

There’s not much of a history of coaches eating on the Super Bowl broadcast, but depending on how long it goes – and how much Reid wants to lean into his persona – this is possible.

Andy Reid Special Odds - Words (Cheese)burger said by Reid during postgame interview

  • Yes +165
  • No -220

This wager isn’t just plausible, it’s edging on probable. There are +165 odds that Andy Reid mentions the word “Burger” or “Cheeseburger” in the postgame interview.

Can’t you just see it?

Reporter: “Hey Andy, what are you going to do after the game?”

Andy Reid: “I’m gonna go home and have a burger or two before….”

Will Any Reid mention a cheeseburger?