MGM’s Land-Light Pivot Seems To Be Nearing Conclusion

MGM Grand - Las Vegas

MGM Resorts will only own 15 acres of the Las Vegas Strip by the end of 2021. In 2014, they owned more than 800 acres of the strip. They achieved this by spinning off an investment trust to control their land, thereby retaining access but bringing in further revenue. LAS VEGAS – MGM Resorts has … Read more

MGM Casinos Given Go Ahead To Fill 100% Gaming Capacity

MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM’s casinos and resorts in Las Vegas have received approval to reopen fully. This approval applies specifically to their gaming floors, and not restaurants. They join Wynn Resorts and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas as approved to reopen gaming at 100% capacity. LAS VEGAS – MGM’s casinos in Las Vegas have been approved to reopen … Read more