Thai Blossom Becomes BetOnline Casino’s Slot of the Week

  • Thai Blossom features headline as BetOnline Casino's game of the week.
  • Players can win up to 922x their money in the free spin bonus section.
  • Every 100 spins also enter players into a drawing to win $500.

ATLANTA - BetOnline added a game of the week in their online casino. For the week of April 3-7 (Thursday), the online gambling site features Thai Blossoms as a way to win an extra $500 in bonuses.

With every 100 spins, players receive a chance to win 1 of 10 $500 bonuses.

Thai Blossom Slots

Autoplay $5-100 spins ranging anywhere from $1-$50 per pay line. Only needing 100 spins for an entry, $100 playthrough is needed to see an entry.

The Gameplay

As a five reel slot, there are many ways to win using this online slot game by Betsoft. A total of 100 payouts helps players hit the advertised “922x your money” claim.

Noted as medium volatility, the five-reel slot offers ways to win by hitting a pay line containing 10-A symbols, as well as many different Thai fruits and foods. A female lands the largest payout symbol at Thai Blossom.

But the real money comes from scatters and free spins. Hitting three or more scatters leaves players with an instant payout and free spins.

Scatter: Symbol: Rewards:
3 scatters $43.75 +10 free spins
4 scatters $87.50 +15 free spins
5 scatters $437.50 +20 free spins

As for the wilds, they stay stuck and can stack together during gameplay. For the free spin section, they stay on during the entirety of the free spin cycle. Outside of the free spin play gameplay, they stay on for two extra spins.

Thai Blossom Slot Review

  • After playing $325 in $1 rolls, I earned three tickets... but my bankroll went to $0 after starting with $100. Never came across three scatter symbols, but had two in double digit rolls.
  • Attaining wild symbols kept the bankroll ahead to start. Not only do wilds stay on the board for two more spins, but they engage other wild symbols that get their two playthroughs. Had a total of seven wild symbols on the board.
  • Largest hit came in about nine units above spin price. Never felt ahead of the bankroll, but did get over $100 mark a few times before an ugly dive near spin #250.

Overall, an enjoyable online slot game, but would have liked to see the Thai Blossom jackpot hit. 8/10