The NFL Has Finally Embraced Sports Betting For Its Broadcasts

  • The NFL has started acknowledging sports betting, even utilizing the common language of the pastime.
  • Popular sportscaster Trey Wingo believes that embracing sports wagering is a good idea.
  • Sports analyst Tony Dungy is more hesitant about the changes sports betting could cause to the integrity of sporting events.

LAS VEGAS – After years of carefully dancing around the concept of sports betting and its subsequent wagering odds, the NFL seems to finally be embracing the concept of it fully by putting up betting lines during broadcasts.

A New Era For The NFL

It appears that the NFL is going to start openly discussing sports betting odds on television. Which, three years after becoming federally legal in states across the nation, makes this a long time coming for the franchise.

“It’s like turning the ship 180 degrees from where the NFL was, but they’ve embraced it and it’s absolutely the right move. At the end of the day, money is money and the NFL is really good at making money,” said Trey Wingo, a former ESPN sportscaster, in an interview with the Seattle Times.

With sports wagering growing in popularity and acceptance, it was only a matter of time before the NFL opened its doors to it. Betting on the NFL is the biggest time of year for fans and sportsbooks alike.

Some Hesitancy Over The New Developments

More than 20 states have already regulated and launched their own sports gaming operations so far, with a dozen more actively pursuing legislation to do the same.

That doesn’t mean everyone is happy with the new openness to the industry.

“I understand times change, but again, for me, it’s just a personal opinion,” said Tony Dungy, in an NBC Sports conference call according to AP News.
“It’s a great game. I know people gamble. I know it’s legal. I don’t want to see the NFL promoting it.”

As time passes, states will continue to regulate sports betting, and organizations like the NFL are sure to continue acknowledging the industry and cashing in on the lucrative profit potential that the market brings with it.