Tiz The Law Still Favored Despite Getting The Cursed Gate 17

  • Sports bettors are taking action on Tiz The Law to win the Kentucky Derby despite pulling Gate 17.
  • No horse has ever won starting in Gate 17 in the history of the Kentucky Derby.
  • Tiz The Law won the Belmont Stakes running from an unfavorable starting gate.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Horse race bettors are still taking action on Tiz The Law to win the Kentucky derby even after being assigned Gate 17.

Since the inception of the Kentucky Derby using the gate in 1930, no horse has managed to take the win when starting in Gate 17.

Tiz The Law just recently won the Runhappy Travers Stakes in August and won the Belmont Stakes despite starting in Gate 8, where only five horses had won prior.

Tiz The Law Heavy Favorite

It seems despite the poor gate draw, horse race bettors are still leaning heavily towards the proven colt to take the win.

  • (17) Tiz The Law -110
  • (18) Authentic +800
  • (16) Honor A.P.+1000
  • (15) NY Traffic +2000
  • (10) Thousand Words +2000
  • (6) King Guillermo +2500
  • (2) Max Player +2500
  • (7) Money Moves +3000
  • (12) Sole Volante +3300
  • (3) Enforceable +4000
  • (13) Attachment Rate +5000
  • (8) South Bend +5000
  • (11) Necker Island +5000
  • (9) Mr. Big News +5000
  • (5) Major Fed +5000
  • (4) Storm The Court +5000
  • (1) Finnick The Fierce +6600
  • (14 )Winning Impression +10000

Tiz The Law has been favored consistently after its performance in the Belmont Stakes with a strong 3 ¾ length victory. The thoroughbred was also favored to win that event.

No other racehorse in this Triple Crown event has had a more successful 2020. Tiz The Law has given a clear reason for horse race bettors to take action.

The only issue that arises now is the unfortunate starting position that Tiz The Law is in. With Gate 17, Tiz The Law will have to make history if it ends up the victor.

Although out of the last 145 races, no horse has won starting in post 17, this may not be an issue come Saturday's race.

Churchill Downs has upgraded its gates. And since there are only 18 horses in the race instead of 20, so gates one and 20 will be empty.

This means that technically, Tiz The Law won't be running from the normal Gate 17. This may bode well for the racehorse.

Sports bettors are still taking action at USA online gambling sites on the big race. Can Tiz The Law make history yet again?