Trump And Biden’s Records When It Comes To US Online Gambling

  • Online casino and poker players may find voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential Election to be the best choice to keep internet gambling available.
  • In 2019, Trump sought to shut down areas of online gambling, a decision that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has not yet concluded on appeal.

WASHINGTON – When voting for anyone to take office, it’s important to know where they stand on issues that are important, and in this case, that issue is online gambling.

Will it be Biden or Trump that backs gambling on the internet in the nation?  In this case, it’s minimal action and lack of action toward the market that points to a decision for gambling enthusiasts on the fence about who they should vote for.

Biden would be the best choice for this group of people as he’s done nothing within his political career that could possibly affect online gambling negatively while Trump has.

What’s Been Done By The Two Candidates

Trump was once a casino owner, running successful businesses in Atlantic City but that was lifetimes ago in the grand scheme of his entire career that subsequently landed him in the position as the President of the United States.

Why would the former casino businessman pose a problem for internet gambling if he were re-elected? The one schism in his political history to make this case is when he brought the Wire Act to the attention of the Department of Justice (DOJ) in 2019.

The Wire Act of 1961 was enacted to prohibit wagering information from crossing state lines. This law is centered more around betting on sports than casino gambling. However, there is a chance that it could affect internet gaming of all kinds in the future. The DOJ hasn’t made any changes or announcements about the law being amended.

Trump may have broached this topic because one of his largest financial contributors is Sheldon Adelson, the chairman of the Las Vegas Sands.

Adelson has always spoken out against online gaming and would ultimately like to get rid of it through changes made to the Wire Act. With Adelson and Trump teamed up to make it happen and keep gambling a land-based pastime could prove to be problematic for the future of online poker and casino games.

As for Biden, he hasn’t spoken in opposition of internet gambling or about making changes to the Wire Act. Rather, he has previously said that court rulings on the older documents should remain, which would keep usa online poker and casino games available on the internet for gamblers in the United States.

Trump and his big financial backer want to get rid of these platforms while Biden believes the decision lies with each state’s individual government to decide.

For gamblers that want poker and casino games available through internet platforms in the United States, a vote for Biden sees him as the most positive choice to let the games continue. All votes must be in by Election Day on Tuesday, November 3.