Week 2 NFL Specials: Parlaying Favorites For Plus Odds

  • Bettors can get good odds on NFL specials as opposed to parlay bets.
  • Allen Robinson, Cooper Kupp and Deebo Samuel all getting 50+ yards has +150 odds.
  • Each of these players saw double digit targets in Week 1.

LAS VEGAS - Another week of NFL action is fast approaching, and bettors can find all sorts of intriguing prop bets available at the online sportsbooks.

One fun way to wager on the NFL is to take a look at the special bets being offered for those who wish to take risks to win more money.

Let’s look at two intriguing parlay style special bets that could be good value for NFL bettors.

Lay The Favorite: Rams, Pats, Browns

  • Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots All To Win +145

The Browns, Rams and Patriots are all favored to pick up wins this week. The Browns play against the Houston Texans, the Patriots play against the New York Jets, and the Rams face off against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Browns have -700 odds to win their game, the Patriots have -250 odds, and the Rams have -195 odds.

When these odds are parlayed together normally, a bettor will end up with a three leg parlay at +142 odds.

This special is at +145 odds, which makes it pretty decent value for any online gambler who wants to pick some favorites this week.

Wide Receiver Parlay Play

  • A.Robinson, C.Kupp & D.Samuel 50+ Receiving Yards Each +150

Allen Robinson, Cooper Kupp and Deebo Samuel all appear to be the WR1 on their respective teams.

Robinson had a mediocre Week 1, while Kupp and Samuel exploded, which means many bettors might be scared to take this bet based on Robinson.

However, Robinson received 11 targets in Week 1, and only converted 6 of them, a number that is very out of character for him.

This could be a good bet because Robinson is likely to have a better game in Week 2 against the woeful Bengals than he did in Week 1 against the dominant Rams defense - and even in that poor performance, he was still a target hog.

Kupp also saw double digit targets, and made the most of them, racking up 108 yards. The Rams face off against the Indianapolis

Samuel was another target hog, with 12 targets, and he put up 189 yards on those targets. While it’s unlikely that he explodes to that degree again, getting that number of targets makes it very easy for him to put up 50 yards.

Basically, all three of these receivers are absolute target monsters, and each of them is in a position to succeed.

The opportunity for each of these receivers to rack up 50+ yards is clearly there based on target share, and that makes this a fairly solid bet.