William Hill To Debut Online Casinos Amid Sportsbook Downturns

  • William Hill will be debuting an internet casino product later this year.
  • The company has lost almost everything because of the Coronavirus pandemic having shut down their sports betting operations.
  • New Jersey will be the first state to see the William Hill online casino brand.

NEW YORK - Gaming tycoon company William Hill will be debuting their own brand of internet casino platforms later this year due to the losses endured by their sportsbooks.

William Hill is one of the biggest names in the sports betting industry but the Coronavirus Pandemic has shredded their profits down to only 10% with the mandatory shut down of land-based books and sporting events being suspended.

This has led the company to begin seeking alternate forms of income and venturing into online casinos seemed like the natural transition.

“Our ambition to build a digitally led, internationally diverse business of scale is proving beneficial during the disruption as our international online business has performed very strongly;”  said Ulrik Bengtsson, William Hill CEO.

William Hill Online Casinos

William Hill has been developing their internet casino platform during the COVID-19 outbreak. The product itself is practically ready to be launched but needs to meet the rules and regulations in the U.S. before being given the approval for a public rollout.

The first state that will see the new online casino platform, which will have the William Hill brand, will be New Jersey.

After that, any state where it is legal to have internet gambling and has a connection with the company will be able to use their new product.

“Our strategy for the Company remains a simple one – to win with our customers, build agile collaborative teams, and get things done - execution,” Bengtsson. “We are developing products that we are proud of and that will improve William Hill’s competitiveness for the long term.”

New Jersey has become the Las Vegas of the east coast.

Since the pandemic, they have seen a loss of 82% in their sports handle when compared to last year’s numbers. However, their casino internet gaming outlets have skyrocketed in profits totaling in over $75 million in revenue.

Many of their sportsbook operators like FanDuel and DraftKings allow members the ability to gamble on casino games and not just bet on sporting events because they are crossover companies.

This has allowed those businesses to continue to turn a profit during the pandemic.

William Hill is taking a page from their New Jersey competitors to become a crossover company as well and target 100% of the gambling industry rather than only half like they have been with their sportsbooks.

William Hill hopes to receive approval for their online casino platforms within the next few months.

Once it launches in New Jersey, other states will soon follow. Hopefully, their casino gaming product will help with some of the loss the company has taken because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

With rumors of major sports slated to return by the fall, they will have 100% of the gambling market working in unison to make up for lost time.