World College Poker Championship Brings Poker To College Level

  • The World College Poker Championship will be a tournament for collegiate poker players.
  • The tournament is set to begin on July 24, and registration is currently open.
  • The tournament is free to enter for eligible college students.

LAS VEGAS - The World College Poker Championship is set to bring PokerStars opportunities to collegiate poker players.

In order to register for the World College Poker Championship, competitors must have an active college ID and attend an eligible institution. Competitors can range from age 18 to age 29, and recent graduates are also eligible for the competition, as long as they have graduated within the last three months.

The tournament kicks off on July 24, and will consist of four rounds of NLHE.

The first round will consist of the entire pool of players, the second round will feature the Top 50 from the six regions involved, the third round will cut that pool of 300 down to 45, and the last round continues until only six players are left, at which point the final table occurs.

The event is expected to run through early August at least, with the date for the final table not specified at the moment.

World College Poker Championship Prizing

The tournament is free to enter, which means that the prizing is a bit limited compared to some larger tournaments.

Still, the World College Poker Championship has managed to acquire some solid sponsorships, which in turn leads to some solid prizing. The winner of the Main Event receives a European Poker Tour entry, worth around $8,000, as well as an assortment of swag and gifts from various sponsors.

There are also prizes for the three top-finishing women in the tournament, so as to encourage female involvement with the game.

The top finishing woman receives a 1-hour poker lesson from Jennifer Shahade, chess grandmaster and elite poker player. The others receive various gifts and swag totaling around $300 in value, from various sponsors.

World College Poker Championship Eligibility

There are, unfortunately, some entry restrictions due to state and jurisdictional laws.

In short, competitors from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey will be unable to compete in the World College Poker Championship. In addition, poker players from Italy, Spain, and Portugal are similarly barred.

Online gamblers who are still in college and above the legal age can still access other online gambling sites in order to play online poker. They just won't offer the same prizes that this competition does.